Aisha Manrique

Aisha was created to create. As an international voice over actor, script writer, keynote speaker, event host, public speaking and voice over coach; she effectively provides her unique talent for the creative direction and successful execution of numerous projects. Aisha’s journey began over twenty (20) years ago where she received a scholarship to pursue broadcasting, writing and voicing commercials after ‘wooing’ a live audience with an ad she quickly wrote and voiced right on the spot! She passionately continued along her destined path over the years, becoming a highly sought female voice talent from Trinidad and Tobago.

A Professional

Aisha is a professional member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) in the USA. She is also a member of an international nonprofit organization. Aisha is the professionally smooth voice behind very powerful brands within the oil and gas sector, tele-communication and financial sectors, housing sector, automotive, food, beauty and entertainment industries (and more!).  Her voice is called upon throughout Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean Region and Globally.


Voice Over delivery isn’t a voice job, it’s a mind, body, and soul job. It’s holistic!



Aisha uses her versatility and keen script interpretation skills to voice television & radio commercials, telephone IVRS, explainer & video tutorials, financial well-being videos, social media ads, animated productions, in-flight videos, promos as well as live announcing…. you name it, she voices it. She creatively puts pen to paper scripting numerous pore-raising productions.

Quality & Distinction

Her writing style continues to entertain and warm the hearts of many. Aisha’s talent, work ethic and passion to serve her clients with quality and distinction easily separates her from the competition and clearly exhibits why she is not just a voice…. but an experience.